Some highlights from our past, that have brought us to where we are now:

1913  Hairdresser and teacher Friedrich Klein started experimenting with chemical dyes and cleansing substances, mixing them for the first time.

1924 On April 1st  he founded the company "Kleinol" specialising in the production and development of hair-colouring and haircare products.

1926  With his Henna Shampoo "Hesha", Kleinol created a foundation for hair colouring and tinting at the hairdressers.

1946  Kleinol finally realises the idea that their founder had been working on for years with the launch of Kleinol  "Gelee". The transparent gel allows the colouring process to be observed and the Viton brand is born.

1964  Kleinol arrives on UK shores and swiftly becomes one of the market leaders.

1979  Kleinol becomes part of the Schwarzkopf group and is renamed Clynol.

1983 Our "Xtrastrong" hairspray makes a huge splash in the industry.

1996  Clynol becomes part of the Henkel group.