Powder Punch Powder

  • Powder Punch Volumising Powder

    Powder Punch
    Volumising Powder
    10 g
    Hold Level 2 / 5

    The great thing about creativity is that there’s always a new idea just around the corner waiting to start a revolution. Our latest styling innovation is the stuff of fairy tales - the closest thing to a generous sprinkling of fairy dust you really can believe in.  Just shake a little of the silica-based powder into dry hair to add unbelievable volume in an instant and lift hair right from the roots. Great for magically re-vamping a look that’s gone limp or for changing one from day to night, plus it’s as versatile and remouldable as a wax with a spell-binding matt finish.

    Active benefits 
    Volume dial up
    Out of this world root lift
    Matt remouldable finish