Of course first impressions count but we’ve always believed it’s your finish that will really dazzle. So whatever the look you’re after, don’t forget to cast a finishing spell for greater poise, polish, shine or hold with a range will make your customers believe in magic.


    Ready, get set then go… for a style that stays exactly the way you want it. Whether your customers want more obedient curls, to big up their volume or take greater hold – we can help set you on the right track with a collection that puts everything in its rightful place – and keeps it there.


    Definition is what makes good art - great. To ensure your customers walk out of your salon with a style that’s always a masterpiece, our Texture collection will unleash greater creativity right at your fingertips. So, whether you want to mould, sculpt, get chunky or rough it up - a little goes a long way.


    A fixing spray that won't wimp out at the first sign of damp and a shine that goes on and on.

    Freeflow Hairspray