Kera Rebuild

Kiss hair frustration goodbye and say hello to a complete solution for extremely damaged, fragile hair. New Clynol Kera Rebuild with KERASTRONG Complex rebuilds the hair structure from the core outwards to transform damage and leave hair with renewed strength and vitality.

  • Colour & Care

    We’ve created an indispensable regime of products specially to care for the colour of your clients’ hair. There’s a stunning liquid jewel extract that injects scintillating new life and diamond shine into each strand, keeping it colour fabulous for up to 30 washes. A UV filter works to protect and condition hair and prevent every day shade fade.

    Colour + Care
  • Repair

    Our intensive Repair range, with amazing liquid keratin (the building blocks of hair) works in an innovative 3-dimension complex to rehabilitate the most extreme case.

  • Moisture

    To turn straw into sleek, we’ve created the Moisture collection. With rich bamboo milk in every luxurious formulation, the sensual transformation is instant.

  • Hair Expert

    Whether it’s hair loss, dandruff or sensitive skin, there are times in all our lives when we need some specialist attention.

    Hair Expert
  • Q10 Boost

    This range provides a rejuvenated, shiny look and feel to mature or naturally weak, fragile hair. It boosts energy from the roots and breathes new life back in.

    Q10 Boost
  • Kera Rebuild

    Going further than traditional repair, the new Kera Rebuild range actually rebuilds individual strands at a deeper cellular level for a total hair transformation.

    Kera Rebuild
  • Luminous Oil

    Make luxury an everyday experience and indulge in our exclusive Illuminating Beauty Ritual with 3 precious products in our NEW Luminous Oil beauty care range for lustrous gloss, continual care and outstanding softness.

    Luminous Oil
  • Wonder 10

    Our Wonder 10 range combines 10 amazing benefits in each product and fits perfectly to your life.

    Wonder 10
  • Keratin Sleek

    The innovative Keratin Sleek formula coats every single hair in a protective Keratin-Polymer Complex – for up to 48 frizz-free hours and incredible gloss.

    Keratin Sleek